Thursday, October 28, 2010

Open Government: What the Gubernatorial Candidates Said and Did Not Say

I did a post with 5 questions on open government for the gubernatorial candidates.  I sent the 3 major campaigns the questions and followed up with e-mails and telephone calls.  I asked the campaigns to respond so I could post their answers.

The candidates position on open government is significant and should be given more attention during the campaign.

In truth, open government and transparency is an important issue.  Without it we will not know if the new governor is living up to the promises that got him elected in the first place.

This is what I got back.  The Emmer and Dayton campaigns, nothing.  The Horner campaign sent me an e-mail stating that they appreciated the questions.  James Horan of the campaign stated they will try to answer the questions before the election, but they may not have the time to give "more thoughtful analysis".  The last sentence said.  "Please contact me after the election if you'd like to discuss the specific points."

Given the emphasis on transparency in the political dialogue, the responses from the candidates would seem to indicate that transparency, openness, and accountability are not important.

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