Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will There Be A Difference On Privacy Issues With The Gop?

Will the sweep of the Republicans to the House and the Senate at the Capitol make a difference?  Yes and No.

Privacy issues at the legislature are generally not a political or party issue.  It depends on the specific bill.  For example, a bill that was introduced to give individuals more rights as to what the state does with DNA samples may have more of a chance of passing because of the change.  On the other hand, legislation that would regulate the credit report industry rigorously may not.

In general, there is a difference in attitude between the political parties as to the relationship of individual to government, and the role of government in the private sector.

Based on my experience of years working on legislation I see the new legislature more so reviewing what data the government collects on its citizens.  Any new initiatives to collect data in the health care industry on individuals or by government will be met with skepticism. On the other hand, legislation giving workers strong rights on how they are electronically monitored may not have a chance of passing.

At the same time I have seen members of both parties stand up to strongly regulate the private sector and to stop government involvement in our lives.

Representative Holberg took on the cell phone industry to ban them from selling and placing cell phone numbers in phone books.  Another example is when legislators, Tim Pawlenty and Steve Kelley introduced and passed the first bill in the country to regulate how internet companies use our private information.  I also saw how a number of DFL'ers opposed photo cop which a number of government entities wanted.  It did not pass.

All I know as I begin my annual anticipation of going to the legislature to work on the issues I care about.  I will do as I always do.  Be prepared, have information, and be there at the Capitol.

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