Thursday, October 21, 2010

Microsoft/Minnesota Contract Not In The In-Box Yet .

The Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology is wanting to take its time in honoring public data requests for access to copies of the Microsoft agreement that the state just signed.

Some people have asked for a copy or access to the contract, but they have been told they need "an official, formal Chapter 13 request".  Chapter 13 is the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

I scratch my head on this one.  The document is readily available for the public to inspect, but there is a hook.

The state and Microsoft agreed that parts of the contract come under a non-disclosure agreement.  The state to protect themselves need the formal process.  A request may take a while.  The lawyers have to sort it out.

With the bureaucratic barriers, and the contractual secrecy, What is Microsoft and Minnesota trying to hide?

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