Friday, November 14, 2014

Mayor Hodges, gang wannabe on "list"?

Since last week when KSTP reported about her Honor doing gang signs she may be already listed as a "wannabe" in the Minneapolis gang file or Bureau of Criminal Apprehension data system.

Mayor Hodges met one of the nine criteria which the Minnesota's Violent Crime Coordinating Council (VCCC) has adopted as gang criteria.  The nine-point guidelines are used throughout  Minnesota to keep track of "wannabes", associates, and gang members.

Number 5 of the nine point criteria is the following:

"#5 Appears in a Photograph or Image with a Gang Member Engaging in Gang-Related Activity or Displaying Gang Signs or Symbols:

• Photographs or images should depict evidence of gang-related criminal activity, such as a person holding a gun and wearing or displaying gang-related signs, symbols, clothing or graffiti.

• A single photograph or image with a gang member, absent any depiction of criminal gang-related activity or displaying gang-related signs, symbols, clothing or graffiti, may count only as one of three documented occasions of association in the previous 12-month period under criterion #8."

"Wannabe" Hodges makes the grade by "or displaying gang-related signs"......or if the Minneapolis Police Department or other entity has listed Mr. Gordon as a gang member.

Mayor Hodges being "listed" in a gang database, more than likely not.  But I make the point in this post how easy it is to be labeled by cops, as they gather information on people and then share it.  In many instances it's shared within the cop community, not "leaked" to the news media.  That is the still the outstanding question of #pointergate who confirmed within law enforcement the gang-related nature of the gang sign by the mayor, who download the image, and then leaked it.

Important to remember history in our community, about 5 years ago, Minnesota law enforcement community had thousands of people listed in a system called GangNet which was later disbanded for a number of negative reasons.  Are Minnesota cops going to their old behavior?

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