Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mayor Coleman: What does "thorough review" mean on snow removal?

Anyone who spends time and lives in Minnesota knows your local government has to have effective snow plowing services.  For many people in St Paul this appeared not to be the case after early December's snow storm.  Many residents complained on social media and with phone calls to elected officials.  So how did St Paul City Hall react? 

Per the Star Tribune, Mayor Coleman said after a "thorough review" the City did not live up to it's bargain of effective snowplowing.  He made some changes the story goes on to say.

But the question for me is why did it happen in the first place, ineffective snowplowing services.  Secondly, can it happen again this winter.  Remember we had instances like this in recent past years----- ineffective snow removal on our streets.

Many residents were aggravated for a number of reasons, # one being safety for themselves and others.

Have to credit Mayor Coleman for handling the matter right away.  But will it happen again?  That is why I am interested to know what the internal review said and called for.

I want to be safe when I travel on the streets in St Paul whether in a vehicle or when I cross them.  I believe that many residents of St Paul want to be sure that what happened in early December does not happen again.  What was the problem in the first place?

That is why I made a data practices request to inspect and review all government data of the internal review.

I am just doing a little bit of public scrutiny and accountability.  You can also do it on many decisions local government does and makes.


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