Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washington DC: The City of "Tags"

It is great to be in Washington DC again where I am instructing young people about US Government and the role they can play here and at home in their community.  The Close Up Foundation which I have been a part of for forty years had and still continues to have a great impact on me.

As a high school student, I remember being here in the days of the arguments of Vietnam War funding and the impondment of funds by the Nixon Administration.  There was also an ability to go easily into the US Capitol to the Senate Reception area to visit with your Senator.  It would be like just going to the Minnesota House of Representatives reception area at the Capitol, but US Capitol being more ornate.

Times have changed.  Young people though are still excited to visit their Congresspersons and Senators as I will be going to the "Hill" with them.

But one thing I have noticed almost everyone wears a tag in Washington, with their name on it.  It must be "change of the times."

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