Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gov Dayton is the real dealer behind the Vikes Stadium proposal

The last several years has been one of stalemate with the various Viking stadium proposals.  Yes, several legislators took initiatives on a football stadium, but their leadership was with who they were, not based on the elected position they hold as a state wide leader, such as Governor, or elected political leader such as Majority Leader, Speaker, or Minority Leader.

I have to give Governor Dayton credit for sending a strong message, to come up with a proposal and vote for it, one way or the other, so the "stadium nightmare" can finally be over.  The Governor has  asked for the various proposals to be sent to him to where he either serves as broker with the various interests to hammer out the deal, or decides to make his own proposal, with a sink or swim attitude.

The public wants to know what happens behind the closed doors of the elected legislators, legislative leaders, and the Governor on the Vikings stadium ideas.  There needs to be a fully documented record as to how the "birth" happened to the deal, or to the "death" of a deal.  The public deserves better than some public relations piece announcing that we have agreement or no agreement with generalities.

The possibility of the Vikings leaving Minnesota is not some "small potato" issue.  It is a very major issue which hits every Minnesotan with nostalgia of the past and with hopes of the future.  For many Minnesotans there is an identity link and pride with the Vikings.  I even recently told the story how LA Rams came to the Twin Cities in 69 for the playoffs and how George Allen if I remember right was complaining about the cold.

It needs to be clear to the public what the horse trades are, the compromises, and where the common ground was found if there is a football stadium proposal.  If there is no proposal, no common ground found, it has to be clear what the "deal breakers" are.

You have a tough situation, Mr. Dayton, but you are leading, as Albert Schweitzer said, "Example is leadership."  May others do same.

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