Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secret Settlement between ACLU-MN and MN Dept. of Education?

I was somewhat struck by the "not comment" by the spokesperson, Charlene Briner, for the Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner.  Not public, the tentative terms of settlement agreement between the ACLU of Minnesota and the MN Education Department dealing with the TIZA school issue.  Does the Department believe that the tentative terms of settlement are not public? and if so what are the reasons?

In the Pioneer Press article, the public learns more about the agreement from Chuck Samuelson, ACLU-MN Director than from the state agency.  Mr. Samuelson states the settlement deals with measures to increase state oversight of charter schools.

Granted there was to be a settlement hearing today per the Pioneer Press article.  Whether or not the hearing deals with the agreed upon settlement with the Education Department is not clear

I have an understanding why government sometimes like to keep things not public.  In this case, I do not.

Confidentiality breeds a culture of secrecy. It is important that our government agencies do not develop those values or attitudes.

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