Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Next for those all seeing cameras!

Over the last decade there have been attempts to pass at the state house legislation to allow law enforcement to set up cameras to be used when people go through red lights.  The latest attempt was last year when the proposed bill was not voted out of committee.  The city of Minneapolis set up their own camera system but the Minnesota Supreme Court said no, because it violated state law.

Will there be attempts in the 2011 legislative session to promote the red light cameras, or even speed cameras?  According to a news report there is now technology being tested to have these types of cameras be used for more than speed and red light violations. Such violations as tailgating, making illegal turns, and other similar violations could be recorded. 

With billions in deficit in the state budget being predicted for 2011-2013 will the legislature in 2011 promote these types of cameras as "revenue raisers"? or as some people call the cameras "cash cows". 

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