Monday, April 28, 2014

MINN LEG UPDATE #1 Open Secrets 2014

Over the next three weeks as the Minnesota Legislature heads to an end there are a number of bills going forward that will have great impact on your privacy and civil liberties.  It is my intention to let you know about them so you can make a difference with your elected officials.  It is important that with knowledge you can ask the questions and state your position with them.

It is my intention to actively use this blog with posts to do just that inform you what is happening with various bills that have an impact on our rights......It will be from an informed perspective.  I have been lobbying on these issues as some of you may know for decades you may disagree with some of my takes or you may agree, but be aware it is based on information, knowledge, and experience.

I intend to entitle these posts as "MINN LEG UPDATE #1......... and so forth.  I will do these with what is happening in real time or near it as I can can possibly do.  I will also be tweeting on these matters @richneumeister.

Tomorrow there will be a vote in the Minnesota House on the issue of cell phone location.  The crux of the issue is whether or not a search warrant should be used.  Two House committees passed it with "search warrants", but on the final stop it was taken out.  Modifications needed to happen for the bill to progress.  As I stated before in the Committee process I prefer a search warrant.
Law enforcement has argued no need for search warrant and does not want it even mentioned in the bill because they do not believe it is a "search" or breach of a "reasonable expectation of privacy"  I on the other hand do believe that Minnesotans through their elected officials are prepared to recognize a expectation of privacy in their location that mandates government obtains a search warrant.

The bill is HF2288

I will be doing a more comprehensive regular post on this tonight.

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