Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The cop and the pen camera-withholding evidence?

When I read Randy Furst's Star Tribune article earlier this week, several questions immediately come to mind.  They are as follows:

1.Can police officers "on duty" have personal recording devices for audio and video purposes?  Does the Minneapolis Police Department have a policy on this matter?

2. The officer who had the pen camera for six days before notifying investigators violate law or policy of withholding evidence?

3. If an officer knows there is evidence of a possible crime physical or otherwise, what is the person's duty to report it?

In talking with several members of the public about the article, the consensus was that a member of the public would have not gotten the leeway the officer did.  Is there a double standard?

A well-known privacy policy specialist told me today, "Do not kid yourself, in five years, every police officer will have some kind of recording device on them."  The issue is whether there will be accountability, policy, and transparency as technology speedily moves ahead.


  1. A definite double standard. A phrase I tecently read seems to apply here: police everywhere; justice nowhere. So glad I met you and found out about your blog and the important work you do.