Thursday, December 1, 2011

Am I even being watched in the "can"?

I was in the Galtier Plaza Building this afternoon.  I had to use the bathroom facilities. I found it, but I had to buzz security to let me in.  Secondly, there was a sign posted which stated that the area is under surveillance.  When I got behind the locked door I was looking for the cameras or some type of surveillance item.  I was suspicious of an open ceiling panel which could be used for a cover for viewing.

As I contemplated possibly being viewed as I sat on the "throne", I thought of the law that Representative Macklin, now a judge, introduced and which I provided input on dealing with these kind of situations. Here it is:

So if the Galtier Plaza Building has a camera invading my privacy or other buildings which may have a similar set up, it may be against the law, if not the law should be corrected.

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