Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Legislative Update.

During the legislative session it is my intention to post a quick point or two on bills I believe could have an impact on our privacy, civil liberties, and open government.  It is not an all inclusive list.  It will be called Legislative Update.

I will be doing longer postings on specific legislation as the session proceeds.  The first entry of bills are as follows:

HF 1/SF 2 Environmental Reform.
Section 7 of bill has issues of public access and accountability.  If draft environmental impact statement(EIS) is done by proposer what guarantee will there be that the public will have access to the data that was used to support and document the EIS.  See previous posting.  Amendment to address issue is being worked on.

HF 174 Department of Revenue/ Profiling of people for auditing.
Using computer software to enhance profiling people who may not be in compliance with tax laws.  Issues such as data mining.  What third party databases would Revenue use?  Will all tax paying Minnesotans be run through this new set up?

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