Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do you know what your landlord knows?

In today's St. Paul Pioneer Press there was an article on the front page entitled "Policing 101", by Mara Gottfried.  The article stated how Facebook is used as a communication tool between landlords and police.  My question is what goes on the Facebook page?  Is the information being shared on individuals or incidents that may happen at the various apartment locations?  Is the information accurate?  Is the person that may be discussed the right person?  What is the role of the police?  Do they give information to the landlords that may be considered confidential or private?

Technology has helped information get to people in various ways such as Facebook, but what are the consequences.  The set up as described in the paper needs to be discussed so that half truths, inaccurate information, and hunches do not follow individuals as they apply for housing.

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